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Board of Directors
Robert J. Byrick, MD FRCPC
Board Chair
Robert J. Byrick

I chose to be involved in the world of medication safety because after forty years in clinical anesthesia practice, it is impossible not to understand the importance of preventing medication errors. With the adoption of a systematic approach to error reporting, the specialty of anesthesia has succeeded in preventing errors and improving safety. Safe practices are also a direct result of having an organized medication error reporting system like the Canadian Medication Incident Reporting and Prevention System, supported by ISMP Canada.

I joined the ISMP Canada Board to support the development of a national approach to patient safety in other areas of healthcare, similar to the approach that improved anesthesia safety. I am impressed by the fact that ISMP Canada works collaboratively with many partners to influence safe medication practice and propose solutions independent of the pharmaceutical industry.

Bob retired from clinical anesthesia practice in 2018, however he retains an honorary consultant appointment at St. Michael's Hospital and is Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto.

Carole Chambers, BSc (Pharm) MBA, FCSHP, FISOPP, FCAPhO
Carole Chambers

I chose to be involved in the world of medication safety because I practice in a high alert area of pharmacy practice in Oncology. I was profoundly influenced by a sentinel event in the United States where a Boston reporter died after receiving a chemotherapy dose that was meant to be delivered over four days, each day of the four days. From that point on, I've been involved in medication system enhancements, assessments, presentations and reviews.

My involvement in the ISMP Canada Board began when I collaborated on the development of the Medication Safety Self-Assessment (MSSA) for oncology that ISMP and ISMP Canada created while I was President of ISOPP.

Carole is the Pharmacy Director - Cancer Services, Alberta Health Services and has over 50 peer reviewed publications.

Michael Cohen, RPh, MS, ScD (hon.), DPS (hon.), FASHP
Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen is founder and president of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP). Dr. Cohen's passion for medication safety began in 1974 when he was involved in a serious adverse event with insulin in the hospital where he was employed. He immediately saw the value in sharing his story with other hospital pharmacists to prevent the same error from occurring. Michael founded ISMP in 1994 and launched the first of five ISMP Medication Safety Alert! publications in 1997.

Maura Davies, BSc, BEd, MHSA, FCCHL
Maura Davies

I chose to be involved in the world of medication safety because of my experience as a senior healthcare leader in Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia, where I saw both the miracles achieved by modern medications and the harm that patients and families experience from medication errors. I saw the devastating impact of those incidents on dedicated care providers and the fact that most of those incidents could have been prevented by the adoption of evidence-based safe practices.

I am honoured to be a member of the ISMP Canada Board and am pleased to see ISMP Canada collaborating with other agencies such as Accreditation Canada and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, two organizations I have been involved with for many years.

Maura is president of Maura Davies Healthcare Consulting, a private consulting practice that works with organizations and teams to enhance quality, patient safety, governance and patient- and family-centred care.

Peter Flattery, BA, MBA, CIP
Peter Flattery

I chose to be involved in the world of medication safety because I have long been an advocate for patient safety. Safe medication practices is a specialty subset of the same family and yet it is broader in the sense that it encompasses everyone from healthcare providers to healthcare leadership, patients and families. Contributing in the small way I can to the mitigation and prevention of harm events caused by medication errors is a tremendous challenge and opportunity.

Peter is a graduate of the Executive MBA program at Queen's University and is a Chartered Insurance Professional of the Insurance Institute of Canada. He recently retired from the position of CEO of the Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada.

Rocco Gerace, MD
Rocco Gerace

I chose to be involved in the world of medication safety because I want to contribute to the work undertaken by ISMP Canada.

My clinical background is in emergency medicine and medical toxicology. In my academic role at the University of Western Ontario, I was fortunate to be able to teach extensively in both emergency medicine and pharmacology. In my latter career, I shifted my focus to medical regulation. Clinically, I have seen first-hand the effects of inappropriate drug use. As a regulator, I recognized the importance of education in improving the performance of health care providers. With these perspectives, I look forward to helping ISMP Canada on the journey to Zero Preventable Harm from Medications.

Rocco is a physician and currently sheltering in Grand Bend, Ontario.

Trevor Hall, RN, MSc, Fellow (Quality Improvement), Fellow (Biosecurity)
Trevor Hall

I chose to be involved in the world of medication safety as I am driven to create the safest healthcare system. I have designed safety systems for healthcare institutions, governments and intergovernmental organizations. I enjoy complexity and am interested in human factors, patient safety and risk management.

Trevor is the Vice-President of Safety and Risk Management at the Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada, Co-Program Director for the Health Law Certificate at Osgoode Law School and is an Affiliated Researcher at the University of Toronto's Interactive Media Lab.

W. Morley Lemon, PhD, FCPA, FCA, CPA (Texas)
W. Morley Lemon

My background is in public accounting and I knew very little about the world of patient safety when I was recruited to join the Board of ISMP Canada by my predecessor Don Veinot. Being on the board has been a wonderful learning experience and my admiration for ISMP Canada, its people and the work they're doing has continued to grow over the years.

Morley is Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo. He was the PricewaterhouseCoopers Professor of Auditing at his retirement in 2004.

Judith Maxwell, Patient Advocate
Judith Maxwell

I chose to be involved in the world of medication safety because of my own undiagnosed and sometimes life-threatening adverse reaction to medications. Over a seven-year period, I saw more than 22 physicians and specialists, finally culminating in a diagnosis of Polypharmacy (four or more medications used on a daily basis) and prescribed cascading caused by the reactions to multiple drugs. My medications have slowly been reduced and I am now back to participating in life.

I joined the ISMP Canada Board at the invitation of David U. I welcomed the opportunity to learn more about the work being done by ISMP Canada around medication safety, and to participate as a patient advocate in building awareness amongst patients and families of safe medication practices.

Kimberly Strain, B.A. (Music), Patient Partner
Kimberly Strain

I chose to be involved in the world of medication safety because of my extensive lived experience as a patient and strong belief in partnering with those working in healthcare in order to bring change to the health system.

Kimberly Strain lives in British Columbia. She has been a patient partner in a variety of initiatives since 2012, including as a committee member, a patient research partner, a member of Patient Voices Network, and a co-author of the Patients Included charters.

In her spare time, Kimberly has a passion for photography and the arts.

Ruth Wilson, C.M., M.D., C.C.F.P., F.C.F.P., LL.D.
Past Board Chair
Ruth Wilson

I chose to be involved in the world of medication safety because as a family doctor, prescribing medications is one of the most powerful tools I have to help patients, but I am also aware that it holds the potential for harm

I joined the ISMP Canada Board because I was impressed with the work done by ISMP Canada and the calibre and dedication of its staff and board.

Ruth is a family physician and Professor Emerita of Family Medicine at Queen's University, where she was Chair of the department for ten years. She currently practices medicine in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

Cindy Veinot, FCPA, FCA, CMA, CPA(DE), MAcc, MHSc
Cindy Veinot

I chose to be involved in the world of medication safety because I want to learn more about the work ISMP Canada is doing to make the administration and use of medications safer. I have worked with various sub-sectors of healthcare, including acute care and home care, as both a volunteer and as an audit partner at Deloitte, where I spent 25 years of my career. Most recently, I worked for the Ontario Public Service as the Provincial Controller.

Cindy is a professional accountant with graduate degrees in accounting and health administration.

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