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ISMP Canada provides high quality, interactive educational programs for healthcare practitioners offered through eLearning and hands-on workshops. Our education courses are facilitated by content experts with educational backgrounds and experience in pharmacy, nursing, and physicians in all healthcare settings.

Online Learning

ISMP Canada's eLearning portal provides online educational modules to advance patient safety. These interactive courses can be taken anytime and anywhere from a computer with an Internet connection. Simply create an account, then register for the modules that interest you. If your organization would like to arrange for an institutional education package, please contact us at

Medication Safety Considerations for Compliance Packaging

This program is for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants who want to learn more about how to safely prepare compliance packages. The program will introduce medication safety principles and concepts specifically applicable to compliance packaging. The potential for medication errors associated with compliance packaging will be examined with discussion of system-based strategies to prevent such errors.

CCCEP The Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) has accredited this program for 3 CEUs for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians; CCCEP # 1231-2017-2195-I-P and 1231-2017-2196-I-T.

Safe Use of Insulin Pens

This e-learning module provides a general introduction on the safe use of insulin pens. Themodule informs nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals involved with delivering insulin of best practice techniques for insulin pen use - disposable and reusable, and to understand potential risks associated with the improper use of insulin pens. It is not meant to replace hands-on training.

Multiple IV Infusion Safety

The primary purpose of these four eLearning modules is help improve the safety of multiple IV infusions. The modules focus on addressing known education gaps associated with setting up and managing secondary IV infusions and shared infusion volume (i.e., the common volume shared by 2 or more infusates). They are intended for clinicians, students and educators working in clinical settings such as critical care, medical/surgical, and paediatric units.


Workshops are offered in Toronto or at healthcare facilities across the country. Educational sessions can be tailored to suit the needs of the organization and the participants in attendance. A list of education events offered by ISMP Canada can be found below.

We Will Come to You - Onsite Training

If you would like ISMP Canada to bring an education workshop to your organization, please email us at

Incident Analysis Workshops

Incident Analysis and Proactive Risk Assessment

- 1.5-day workshop

This interactive, hands-on workshop provides healthcare practitioners with background theory and hands-on practice in both incident analysis (root cause analysis) and proactive risk assessment using failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA). Customized versions of this workshop are available for the (EMS) and (LTC) environment. Read More

Multi-Incident Analysis Workshop

- 1-day workshop

This interactive workshop presents the key concepts for conducting a multi-incident (aggregate) analysis, an approach that maximizes efficiency by analyzing a group of medication incidents that share a common topic. During this interactive workshop, participants will learn the step-wise process of conducting a multi-incident analysis, and situations where this methodology is most beneficial. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to describe the steps of the multi-incident analysis methodology and apply the step-wise approach and begin conducting analysis of small groups of medication incidents. Read More

Medication Safety Workshops

Going beyond the numbers: Using incident reports to assess medication safety culture

- 1-day workshop

This workshop teaches healthcare professionals how to use medication incident reporting as an indicator to monitor patient safety culture within their organization. Participants will learn fundamental principles of medication incident reporting and patient safety culture. These concepts will be integrated to introduce a novel tool called the Medication Safety Cultural Indicator Matrix (MedSCIM), which is a Qualitative Assessment Scale (QAS). MedSCIM was developed to measure patient safety culture in healthcare settings. This interactive workshop uses hands-on activities to teach participants how to use MedSCIM. At the conclusion of the workshop participants will be confident using MedSCIM to support a positive patient safety culture. Read More

What's in a label? - How to identify problems with labels to prevent medication errors

- 1-day workshop

Interactive, small group workshop will teach participants how to look at medication labels in a different way to identify possible problems and prevent errors. Participants will learn about the importance of label design and how safety principles can be used to assess both manufacturer and in-house-generated medication labels to identify potentially problematic designs and to propose safety strategies that can be used to reduce the likelihood of medication errors. The hands-on portion of the workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to evaluate manufacturer and in-house sample labels from their practice settings. Read More

Medication Reconciliation Workshops

Medication reconciliation (MedRec) is a formal process to ensure communication of accurate medication information throughout a person's healthcare journey. These introductory level workshops are designed to build skill and confidence inpatient interviewing to obtain the best possible medication history (BPMH) to support clear communication of medication use at transitions of care.

BPMH Training for Pharmacy Technicians

- 1-day workshop

This workshop provides hospital pharmacy technicians with fundamentals of medication reconciliation and is designed to prepare hospital pharmacy technicians to collect a BPMH in the context of the MedRec process in an acute care setting. Read more

Using the BPMH to reduce medication errors in home healthcare

- 1-day workshop

This one-day workshop is designed to provide home health professionals with an overview of transition-related medication incidents and how medication reconciliation (MedRec) adds value in community-based patient care. Read more

We Will Come to You - Onsite Training

ISMP Canada can bring any of our workshops to your location. Selected workshops (below) are only available on an as requested basis.

Incident Analysis (Root Cause Analysis)

- 1-day workshop

This introductory level workshop starts with the context and theory behind patient safety and provides the background theory and hands-on practice in incident analysis (root cause analysis). Participants will work as a team to complete a system-based case review. The workshop curriculum is derived from the Canadian Incident Analysis Framework. Read more

Proactive Risk Assessment (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)

- 1-day workshop

This introductory workshop is complementary to Incident Analysis and helps participants understand how to proactively evaluate systems and processes to identify and mitigate error opportunities. The workshop will provide healthcare practitioners with background theory and hands-on practice in proactive risk assessment using failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA). Read more

Medication Safety: Incident Analysis and Proactive Risk Assessment for Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

- 1.5-day workshop

This 1.5-day workshop is offered onsite only and provides EMS healthcare practitioners with background theory and hands-on practice in incident analysis (root cause analysis) and proactive risk assessment using failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA). The workshop content was developed in collaboration with EMS healthcare practitioners and reflects the EMS environment. Read More

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