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June 4, 2013: Video now available: Consumers Can Help Prevent Harm from Opioid Use

ISMP Canada is pleased to announce the launch of a patient safety initiative to educate consumers on the safe use of opioids. Opioids are commonly involved in incidents associated with harm that have been voluntarily reported to ISMP Canada. As well, recent work with offices of the Chief Coroners and Chief Medical Examiners in Canada have determined that opioids, specifically HYDROmorphone, were often involved in medication errors resulting in death. Many of these errors occur at home.

In efforts to reduce harm associated with opioids, ISMP Canada has developed a video to educate consumers about the safe use of opioids. The video emphasizes that when used properly, opioids are safe and effective but that if used incorrectly opioids can cause serious harm. The video provides consumers with information on steps they can take to avoid being harmed by an error with opioids. It also educates consumers on how to recognize signs of opioid overdose and actions to take.

You can help prevent harm from errors with opioids by disseminating the video the link to others who could benefit from this information. Please share the video link(s) widely, including posting them on your website:

English version is available from
French version is available from

English version with subtitles is available from
French version with subtitles is available from