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February 25, 2019: Education Pilot: Mandatory ADR/MDI reporting (Vanessa's Law) – Your chance to participate in a Pilot

Education to support mandatory ADR/MDI reporting (Vanessa’s Law)
Your chance to participate in a Pilot

You’re invited to participate in a unique pilot project that will provide educational content to support implementation of The Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act, also known as Vanessa's Law.

Vanessa's Law was enacted to ensure rapid identification of drug and safety issues for Canadians and to improve the sharing of safety information with decision-makers. Vanessa's Law includes a provision for mandatory reporting by hospitals of serious adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and medical device incidents (MDIs), a requirement that will come into force later this year.

The goal of the Educational Approach Program is to provide core content about ADR/MDI reporting that can be used by healthcare professionals, patients/families, healthcare organizations, and education providers for individual learning. These educational materials are designed to be "building blocks" for you to integrate into orientation and other learning activities.  Read more ...
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       Notice (from ISMP Canada Safety Bulletin – February 21, 2019)