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October 9, 2019: Newsletter - Biologics and Biosimilars: What You Need to Know

Biologic medications (also known as "biologics") and biosimilar medications (also called "biosimilars") are used to treat many diseases, including Crohn disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and some cancers. Biologics are made from living cells and can be very expensive to produce. Much like the generic versions of conventional medications, biosimilars are "near copies" that do the same job as the corresponding biologic medications, but they are typically more affordable. A biologic and its matching biosimilars will have the same common name, but the brand names will be different. For any medication that you are taking, including biologics and biosimilars, it is important to know both the common name and the brand name, to avoid confusion when you are discussing the specific medication with a health care provider. Read more …