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November 13, 2019: Newsletter -  When Medications Are Not Available Due to a Drug Shortage

Your medication may not be available at the pharmacy due to a drug shortage. This problem can happen for many reasons. Sometimes the company that makes the medication does not have enough of one of the ingredients. Other times, the company has stopped making your medication altogether. If the medication that your doctor has prescribed for you is not available due to a shortage, you may be given the same medication in a different strength or a different form. For example, you may be given a syrup instead of a pill. Sometimes, however, you will have to change to a different or a new medication. Most of the time, this can be done safely and easily. In some cases, you will have to take the new medication in a different way from the old medication. Unfortunately, this type of change can increase the chance of mistakes with the new medication.  Read more …

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