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ISMP Canada's Privacy Policies

Our Commitment to Privacy and Confidentiality

What Information Does ISMP Canada Receive?
All information received by ISMP Canada is provided voluntarily by individual healthcare practitioners, consumers and institutions. ISMP Canada receives two types of information:

  • Non-identifiable information about a medication incident, such as: description of the incident, patient outcome, type of healthcare facility where the incident occurred, the names and dosages of the medications involved, description of how the incident was discovered, contributing factors and recommendations to prevent similar incidents in the future.
  • Additional information about a medication incident, such as: information about the patient's medical condition, the types of healthcare practitioners involved in the incident, and the reporter's contact information may be provided voluntarily to ISMP Canada. In some cases, ISMP Canada may be invited to work jointly with reporting healthcare practitioners and institutions to investigate a specific incident (called a "root cause analysis") and provide recommendations for avoiding similar incidents in the future.

How Does ISMP Canada Obtain Information?
ISMP Canada receives information on medication incidents from individual healthcare practitioners, consumers and institutions, via telephone, email, mail, fax, or web-based reporting programs. In addition, hospitals may report anonymous information on medication incidents through ISMP Canada's "Analyze-ERR", a software documentation tool designed by ISMP Canada to track and analyze medication errors.

Does ISMP Canada Collect Identifiable Data on Patients?
Please remember that ISMP Canada does not need to collect information that directly identifies a patient. ISMP Canada requests that all identifying information about patients be removed prior to any report being shared with ISMP Canada. Individual healthcare practitioners and consumers may choose to provide their contact information for the purpose of allowing ISMP Canada to carry out follow-up investigations or to clarify information relating to a specific medication incident, but ISMP Canada never needs to know the names of individual patients involved in medication incidents.

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