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Hospital-Acquired Hyponatremia, and Use of Hypertonic 3% Saline in Adults

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Example guidelines for management of hyponatremia

Example IV monographs for 3% hypertonic saline

The documents displayed were prepared by hospitals solely for internal use. These hospitals have authorized ISMP Canada to post this material as examples only. These materials are shared with the understanding that the named hospitals accept no responsibility for its use by any person who is not a staff member of, patient at, or otherwise associated with the named hospital.


The Hospital-Acquired Hyponatremia Knowledge Exchange was developed for the purpose of sharing useful resources and information on this topic. Our collaborative goal is to support implementation of protocols, preventative strategies and system safeguards to decrease the risk for medication errors and to promote medication safety. To contribute documents and change management-related information to this site, email us at or phone us at 416-733-3131 (or toll free 1-866-544-7672).

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