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May 31, 2021: Safety Bulletin - Shortage of Epinephrine Prefilled Syringes: System Supports for Use of Epinephrine Ampoules

Shortages of critical medications have become more common during the COVID-19 pandemic. Epinephrine in prefilled syringes is one such critical product that has been in short supply. This bulletin shares a proactive approach that was developed and implemented by a regional paramedicine service to safely introduce the temporary use of epinephrine ampoules and mitigate the risk of medication errors. Listen to the Synopsis ...  |   Read more ...

May 31, 2021: Safety Bulletin - Let's Talk with Kids about Their Medicine

5 Questions to Ask About My Medicine is a new pediatric-focused safety resource to help children and youth learn what questions they should ask when they receive medication from their health team. Involving children in their own care helps to give them a voice, so they can speak up when they have concerns. The handout was co-designed by children, caregivers, and providers to facilitate conversation during an appointment or patient consultation. Read more ...

May 31, 2021: Safety Bulletin - Structured Opioid Therapy

Structured Opioid Therapy is a team-based approach to opioid therapy that involves patients, prescribers (physicians and nurse practitioners), and pharmacists. It can be useful when the current opioid therapy is out of sync with the goals for function and pain control. A new Structured Opioid Therapy infographic has been designed by a collaborative team of researchers and health care providers from Sinai Health, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, the Saskatchewan Health Authority, and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada, working alongside people with lived experiences. Read more ...

May 31, 2021: Safety Bulletin - Magnesium Sulfate 50% (500 mg/mL) Injection: Shortage of Supply

As of the date of publication, magnesium sulfate 50% (500 mg/mL) injection in 10 mL and 50 mL vials, manufactured by Fresenius Kabi Canada (the sole supplier of this concentration in Canada), are in short supply. The 50 mL vial is back-ordered, and the 10 mL vial is on partial allocation, with additional supply expected in early June. HealthPRO Procurement Services recently conducted a market assessment and determined that the available products in Canada are insufficient to meet demands. Health Canada has issued Letters of No Objection to allow the importation and distribution of several foreign products. In the interim, hospitals are managing the shortage in various ways. Read more ...

May 20, 2021: - Let's Talk with Kids about Their Medicines

Engaging children to take an interest in their medicines is important. Many errors can be prevented through awareness and understanding of treatment plans. Involving children helps to give them a voice, so they can speak up when they have concerns. received a report from a parent who was about to apply cream to her 8-year-old son's skin for his eczema. The child informed her that she was about to apply another family member's cream instead of his own.  
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May 11, 2021: ISMP Canada and iMD Health Global announce partnership to provide further information for prevention of harmful medication errors across Canada

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMP Canada) is pleased to jointly announce an important partnership with iMD Health Global (a CloudMD Software & Services company) to support education and increase awareness of the risks associated with medication errors. Information and tools to prevent harmful medication errors to Canadians will be shared via the iMD platform.  Read more ...