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Consultation Services

ISMP Canada offers a variety of consultation services customized to your needs.

Medication management systems are complex and involve many different members of the interdisciplinary team. Despite great care taken by individual practitioners to provide safe care, there are times when systems fail and medication errors occur. Well-designed medication use processes within a supportive environment offer the best chance for prevention of harm from medication incidents. A detailed assessment of your current medication management system will help you to understand where vulnerabilities exist, and how you can work to implement safer processes.

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Consultation services available:
  • One-day "mini-consult"
  • Medication system safety review
  • Focused review (e.g., operating room, emergency department, use of automated dispensing cabinets, central IV additive service)
  • Technology readiness assessment
  • Prospective risk assessment (failure mode and effects analysis - FMEA)
  • Root cause analysis
Our expertise includes medication system safety in:
  • Large and small hospitals
  • Tertiary care specialty centres
  • Long-term care homes
  • Community living organizations
  • Emergency medical services

Our multidisciplinary team of medication safety specialists includes nurses, pharmacists, physicians, pharmacy technicians and human factors engineers. Typically, two to three team members work on each project, with assistance from expert reviewers.

For more information about ISMP Canada Consultation Services, send an e-mail to, call 416-733-3131, or call toll free 1-866-544-7672.

ISMP Canada publications and resources based on findings from consultation projects:

Medication Safety Self-Assessments® for:

Medication Safety Checklist for:

ISMP Canada Safety Bulletins:

Other ISMP Canada Publications:


Client feedback:

"It was our good fortune that we learned of your service. I will certainly be making it a point to communicate this resource to my colleagues. We wish to commend each of you for the respectful and sensitive approach you took in how you conducted your review."
Executive Director, Community Living Agency

"Your team made a really good impression when you were here and our safety agenda has made great strides since your visit. Thanks again for your professionalism and your ability to 'connect with' the direct care staff and physicians."
Director of Quality and Risk, Specialty Hospital

"It was a pleasure to work with you and your team as you provided a very valuable review and report that will be instrumental in driving change."
Chief Executive Officer, Rural Community Hospital

"Thanks again - a couple of high priorities are already remediated."
Vice President, Patient Services, Rural Community Hospital

"We are in the process of hiring a pharmacy student - part of their work will be devoted to following through on many of the recommendations [made by ISMP Canada], so we're very excited!"
Director of Pharmacy, Urban Community Hospital

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