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5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications

Patients are at high risk of fragmented care, adverse drug events, and medication errors during transitions of care. Ensuring safe medication transitions is complex. It requires patients to be an active partner in their health to ensure that they have the information they need to use their medications safely.

ISMP Canada, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, Patients for Patient Safety Canada, the Canadian Pharmacists Association and the Canadian Society for Hospital Pharmacists have collaborated to develop a set of 5 questions to help patients and caregivers start a conversation about medications to improve communications with their health care provider.

It may be particularly helpful for patients to ask these questions at transitions of care. Examples include:

  • doctor's appointment (e.g. family physician, nurse practitioner or specialist, dentist)
  • interaction with a community pharmacist
  • discharge from hospital to home
  • visit by home care services

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Download the 5 Questions

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"This simple poster helps patients identify which questions to ask and serves to improve their own medication safety. This one simple tool is effective, and it will reduce harm."
Patients for Patient Safety Canada

"These 5 questions help focus my conversations about medications with my patients and remind both me and my patients to regularly review drug therapy."
Long-Term Care Physician

"This will be very helpful for us as we take the time to discuss our patient's medications needs.... Thank you for this wonderful initiative!"
Community Pharmacist

5 Questions to Ask About My Medicine - For Kids

  • A new pediatric focussed medication safety resource has been created to help children and youth learn what questions they should ask when they receive medication from their health team. 5 Questions to Ask About My Medicine has been co-designed by children, caregivers, and providers to facilitate conversation during an appointment or patient consultation. Download it today to try it out with your patients and caregivers!
  • An implementation guide is available for download to accompany the resource, for your reference.

5 Questions

Download the 5 Questions to Ask About My Medicine


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INTERNATIONAL ENDORSEMENTS with Customized 5 Questions (Click to view 5 Questions):

ENDORSEMENTS with Customized 5 Questions (Click to view 5 Questions):

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The 5 Questions is available in PDF format.

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5 Questions to Ask about your Medications:

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